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About Us
Things are going well.  It's nice to have both JR and John living here in Des Moines.  Susan has retired and loving it!  She is busy scrap-booking, working on the computer and helping me with a low fat diet.  JR graduated from The University of Iowa in 04 and is now leasing commercial property for  Hubbell Realty.  JR and wife Kacey just purchased their 2nd home on Muskogee.  Their two cats and dog keep them busy.  John graduated from Iowa State in 05 and is now selling airplanes for Howard Gregory's Des Moines Flying Service.  He has his aircraft multi engine instrument rating and has gone  to Piper Matrix and Meridian school.  He also is a Reserve Police Officer for DMPD.  In 2002 I sold Personnel Incorporated to Austin Palmer.  I've been working with him at Palmer Group since then.  In my spare time I'm building an airplane.  See more at the Piet Project page.
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JR, Julie, Jack, Jason, Susan, John and Bruz standing JR, Halle and Kacey Grand-kids, Halle & Abby
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Dad and Jack Birthday-Susan and Kacey Abby today
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JB speaking at Graduation Abby 10 weeks Happy Mom and Son John


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