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What the heck is a Pietenpol?  It's a 1930 open cockpit designed by Bernard Pietenpol.  It is a two place, wood and fabric ship that cruises about 65 to 75mph.

In 1928, Mr. Pietenpol built and flew an airplane of his own design. The airplane was a single place open cockpit monoplane made from wood obtained at the local lumberyard, fittings fabricated from a blacksmith shop, and a covering of bed sheet material painted with clear varnish. The landing gear was constructed of gas pipe and motorcycle wheels. The prop was hand-carved from black walnut and powered by an Ace four cylinder water cooled engine. The airplane flew very well accumulating over fifty hours in the first two months.

Several design modifications followed during the next five years; however, the basic design remained unchanged. During the process of modifications, the airplane became a two place with space for a passenger. The split axle landing gear with air wheels improved take-off and landing characteristics. The Ford A engine became the standard power plant turning a 78" x 42" propeller. The final design and drawings for the Air camper were completed in 1934. No further changes have been made to the original drawings.  The picture shown is the last one Bernard built and is flying today.

I'm building mine from the 1934 plans.  This will definitely be a LONG TERM project.  Take a look at some of the construction pictures.  (double click on picture to enlarge)

BP_474x376.jpg (45382 bytes) Brodhead2008_137 (Large)_640x480.jpg (56159 bytes) Vi Kapler_640x480.jpg (45624 bytes) 9-4-09 022_640x480.jpg (69485 bytes)
Bernard Pietenpol Jack Phillip's Piet Vitalis Kapler Tom Brown's Piet
Piet complete 6-7-10 031.JPG (151242 bytes) Piet complete 6-7-10 037.JPG (161734 bytes) DonEmch.jpg (51512 bytes) Ken Perkins.jpg (175232 bytes)
Dan Helsper's Piet Helsper Panel Don Emch's Piet Ken Perkin's Ship
pietenpols.jpg (186096 bytes) edilson-clouds1.jpg (28758 bytes) mc-pietair.jpg (43851 bytes) Franks.jpg (151450 bytes)
Andy & Don Pietenpol Edison's Piet Mike Cuy's Piet Frank Pavliga's Piet
Tom Wottrung did the pre-assembly, a fantastic fellow!
IMG_4744_640x427.jpg (36024 bytes) IMG_4745_640x427.jpg (41707 bytes) IMG_4746_640x427.jpg (33383 bytes) IMG_4747_640x427.jpg (29399 bytes)
Starting assembly Original tolerances
IMG_4748_640x427.jpg (24158 bytes) IMG_4749_640x427.jpg (41554 bytes) IMG_4751_640x427.jpg (43020 bytes) IMG_4752_640x427.jpg (37716 bytes)
IMG_4757_640x427.jpg (44383 bytes) IMG_4758_640x427.jpg (29486 bytes) IMG_4759_640x427.jpg (40271 bytes) IMG_4761_640x427.jpg (33679 bytes)
re-manned cam Silk thread Main bearing
IMG_4760_640x427.jpg (37943 bytes) IMG_4762_640x427.jpg (47260 bytes) IMG_4763_640x427.jpg (31298 bytes) IMG_4765_640x427.jpg (48005 bytes)
IMG_4765_640x427.jpg (48005 bytes) IMG_4766_640x427.jpg (32540 bytes) IMG_4767_640x427.jpg (37173 bytes) IMG_4768_640x427.jpg (37636 bytes)
That's an aircraft engine, no snapping crank here!    Case closed
IMG_4769_640x427.jpg (40106 bytes) IMG_4770_640x427.jpg (36004 bytes) IMG_4771_640x427.jpg (32889 bytes) IMG_4772_640x427.jpg (42768 bytes)
IMG_4773_640x427.jpg (41160 bytes) IMG_4777_640x427.jpg (41080 bytes) IMG_4788_640x427.jpg (41148 bytes) IMG_4807_640x427.jpg (41628 bytes)
IMG_4774_640x427.jpg (38242 bytes) IMG_4775_640x427.jpg (36705 bytes) IMG_4778_640x427.jpg (53118 bytes) IMG_4779_640x427.jpg (24274 bytes)
IMG_4780_640x427.jpg (52403 bytes) IMG_4781_640x427.jpg (43858 bytes) IMG_4783_640x427.jpg (22877 bytes) IMG_4785_640x427.jpg (43883 bytes)
IMG_4786_640x427.jpg (40747 bytes) IMG_4789_640x427.jpg (31560 bytes) IMG_4790_640x427.jpg (40825 bytes) IMG_4791_640x427.jpg (47796 bytes)
IMG_4792_640x427.jpg (45573 bytes) IMG_4793_640x427.jpg (41959 bytes) IMG_4797_640x427.jpg (50833 bytes) IMG_4798_640x427.jpg (46323 bytes)
IMG_4805_640x427.jpg (41912 bytes) IMG_4804_640x427.jpg (42114 bytes) IMG_4808_640x427.jpg (33867 bytes) IMG_4812_640x427.jpg (29099 bytes)
IMG_4811_640x427.jpg (42714 bytes) IMG_4813_640x427.jpg (47958 bytes) IMG_4816_640x427.jpg (48381 bytes) IMG_4817_640x427.jpg (43517 bytes)
IMG_4818_640x427.jpg (43964 bytes) IMG_4819_640x427.jpg (41099 bytes) IMG_4820_640x427.jpg (44362 bytes) IMG_4821_640x427.jpg (47833 bytes)
Proud owner Fantastic Teacher!
This is what I started with, a mess, brake disk too small, uneven hub Very poor work
9" disk Cleaned up the left Coming together
  groove for grease
Silver coat Gloss 2nd coat Nice gloss  
Ken Perkins design Turned bearings to fit Design ensures less slack in cables
2 pictures on right - part is shown reverse of plans
Machined thrust washers out of .050 for each end of Bell Crank tube
Elected not to use washers, capped bearings instead. String stretches too much, will use cable
Ready for oven Need bigger oven    
Front torque bearing Aileron control horn Safety strap formed over larger diameter tube
Elevator Stop Powder Coated Elevator pulleys Plan to re-paint
Trial fit   Used 1/2" on left
Tacked only  
IMG_6477_640x427.jpg (30229 bytes) IMG_6489_640x427.jpg (23651 bytes) IMG_6490_640x427.jpg (24091 bytes) IMG_6481_640x427.jpg (27626 bytes)
IMG_6483_640x427.jpg (31995 bytes) IMG_6488_640x427.jpg (39373 bytes) IMG_6486_640x427.jpg (37832 bytes) IMG_6484_640x427.jpg (33532 bytes)
IMG_6493_640x427.jpg (35173 bytes) IMG_6499_640x427.jpg (34887 bytes) IMG_6501_640x427.jpg (30181 bytes) IMG_6500_640x427.jpg (29943 bytes)
.032x21"x27"x5"=13 gallons aprox, riveted and Prosealed
IMG_6807_640x427.jpg (18852 bytes) IMG_6806_640x427.jpg (26648 bytes) IMG_6808_640x427.jpg (32279 bytes)
Turned fuel fittings Indexing on Lathe Fuel float trial didn't use Used this one
IMG_7580_1600x1067.jpg (141407 bytes) IMG_7582_1600x1067.jpg (112213 bytes) IMG_7584_1600x1067.jpg (113767 bytes) IMG_7586_1600x1067.jpg (104130 bytes)
IMG_7585_1600x1067.jpg (118995 bytes) IMG_7587_1600x1067.jpg (113913 bytes) IMG_7581_1600x1067.jpg (124159 bytes) IMG_7579_1600x1067.jpg (124687 bytes)
.090 cabane lower fittings, after fitting side ply will drill from inside out
IMG_1979_640x427.jpg (34461 bytes) IMG_1980_640x427.jpg (47352 bytes) IMG_1983_640x427.jpg (19386 bytes) IMG_1989_640x427.jpg (31208 bytes)
Soaking 1/16" ply 1/16" Okume Nice bend
IMG_1981_640x427.jpg (28287 bytes) IMG_1990_640x427.jpg (27041 bytes) IMG_1953_640x427.jpg (30202 bytes) IMG_1952_640x427.jpg (33133 bytes)
Template Belt but-outs Brace for 90 degrees
IMG_1967_640x427.jpg (31368 bytes) IMG_1971_640x427.jpg (33219 bytes) IMG_1965_640x427.jpg (34011 bytes) IMG_1973_640x427.jpg (30626 bytes)
11 stringers 375 lightening holes Helmet box
IMG_1993_640x427.jpg (28683 bytes) IMG_1991_640x427.jpg (27156 bytes) IMG_1992_640x427.jpg (27968 bytes) IMG_2011_640x427.jpg (32401 bytes)
Front seat back F-seat supports More F-seat bottom Front seat
IMG_2017_640x427.jpg (22715 bytes) IMG_2026_640x427.jpg (27917 bytes) IMG_2022_640x427.jpg (37774 bytes) IMG_2027_640x427.jpg (25699 bytes)
Seat going together Brace form 1/16 x 1/2 ply strips Thin super glue
IMG_2225_640x427.jpg (29451 bytes) IMG_2247_640x427.jpg (32841 bytes) IMG_2244_640x427.jpg (28262 bytes) IMG_2245_640x427.jpg (20518 bytes)
Done Panel test fit R-seat lap belt point Left side belt hard pt
IMG_2258_640x427.jpg (23260 bytes) IMG_2259_640x427.jpg (37519 bytes) IMG_2260_640x427.jpg (29393 bytes) IMG_2266_640x427.jpg (25400 bytes)
Access panels cuts Gluing backstops 1" panel compartment extension 1" extra allows long electric turn & bank
IMG_2261_640x427.jpg (28526 bytes) IMG_2262_640x427.jpg (28392 bytes) IMG_2264_640x427.jpg (32490 bytes) IMG_2267_640x427.jpg (41538 bytes)
1 of a 100 layouts 1/16th bit for straight cut and knife for curve 24 1/4 wide Trial fitting
IMG_2268_640x427.jpg (37899 bytes) IMG_2269_640x427.jpg (37689 bytes) IMG_2270_640x427.jpg (28135 bytes) IMG_2272_640x427.jpg (28263 bytes)
IMG_2275_640x427.jpg (19785 bytes) IMG_2277_640x427.jpg (27822 bytes) IMG_2278_640x427.jpg (47093 bytes) IMG_2279_640x427.jpg (46412 bytes)
Very little glued at this point
IMG_2280_640x427.jpg (36804 bytes) IMG_2281_640x427.jpg (29691 bytes) IMG_2286_640x427.jpg (28714 bytes) IMG_2284_640x427.jpg (28809 bytes)
Gluing cowl supports Drill jig for strut fittings
IMG_4540_640x427.jpg (33438 bytes) IMG_4541_640x427.jpg (31466 bytes) IMG_4542_640x427.jpg (31898 bytes)
IMG_4536_640x427.jpg (33251 bytes) IMG_4537_640x427.jpg (31229 bytes) IMG_4538_640x427.jpg (28545 bytes) IMG_4539_640x427.jpg (33530 bytes)
IMG_4252_640x427.jpg (29598 bytes) IMG_4253_640x427.jpg (29365 bytes) IMG_4257_640x427.jpg (30276 bytes) IMG_4259_640x427.jpg (28875 bytes)
Way too many choices for panel layouts!   Which will win?
IMG_4563_640x427.jpg (25679 bytes) IMG_4565_640x427.jpg (34591 bytes) IMG_4566_640x427.jpg (31695 bytes) IMG_4572_640x427.jpg (30686 bytes)
IMG_4587_640x427.jpg (29414 bytes)
Winner!  I think...compass will be in center section, GPS on top of cowl behind windscreen.

Faint diagonal lines depict aileron cables behind panel.

  Plan to re-cut
  Too close
May do overlay
IMG_4211_640x427.jpg (28844 bytes) IMG_4249_640x427.jpg (28477 bytes) IMG_4222_640x427.jpg (28835 bytes) IMG_4213_640x427.jpg (27738 bytes)
Using the right box Cutout w/razor knife Belt clears box Instrument access
IMG_4212_640x427.jpg (30934 bytes) IMG_4220_640x427.jpg (35305 bytes) IMG_4221_640x427.jpg (34636 bytes) IMG_4246_640x427.jpg (29605 bytes)
IMG_4231_640x427.jpg (36686 bytes) IMG_4232_640x427.jpg (35701 bytes) IMG_4233_640x427.jpg (37092 bytes)
More trials, not sure on portable nav/com, will use transponder 
IMG_1680_320x480.jpg (15933 bytes) IMG_1726_640x427.jpg (37919 bytes) IMG_1732_320x480.jpg (19711 bytes) IMG_1754_640x427.jpg (25991 bytes)
IMG_1755_640x427.jpg (35855 bytes) IMG_1735_320x480.jpg (16493 bytes) IMG_1758_640x427.jpg (43040 bytes) IMG_1811_640x427.jpg (43926 bytes)
IMG_1813_640x427.jpg (45155 bytes) IMG_1816_640x427.jpg (35790 bytes) IMG_1820_640x427.jpg (46799 bytes) IMG_1822_640x427.jpg (33939 bytes)
IMG_1824_640x427.jpg (42669 bytes) IMG_1826_640x427.jpg (29858 bytes) IMG_1831_640x427.jpg (27434 bytes) IMG_1833_640x427.jpg (46503 bytes)
IMG_1835_640x427.jpg (43063 bytes) IMG_1836_640x427.jpg (39497 bytes) IMG_1838_640x427.jpg (41558 bytes) IMG_1841_640x427.jpg (37099 bytes)
IMG_1843_640x427.jpg (39414 bytes) IMG_1844_640x427.jpg (37216 bytes) IMG_1935_640x427.jpg (41900 bytes) IMG_1936_640x427.jpg (34596 bytes)
IMG_1937_640x427.jpg (42375 bytes) IMG_1938_640x427.jpg (34741 bytes) IMG_1939_640x427.jpg (25665 bytes) IMG_1940_640x427.jpg (44026 bytes)
Don't install wedge here as I did
IMG_1942_640x427.jpg (34013 bytes) IMG_1943_640x427.jpg (23144 bytes) IMG_1944_640x427.jpg (39122 bytes) IMG_1947_640x427.jpg (29775 bytes)
IMG_1948_640x427.jpg (27266 bytes) IMG_1949_640x427.jpg (30275 bytes) IMG_1950_640x427.jpg (24360 bytes) IMG_1951_640x427.jpg (31453 bytes)
IMG_1952_640x427.jpg (33133 bytes) IMG_1953_640x427.jpg (30202 bytes) IMG_1954_640x427.jpg (43720 bytes) IMG_1955_640x427.jpg (35658 bytes)
IMG_1956_640x427.jpg (23979 bytes) IMG_7500_1600x1067.jpg (107963 bytes) IMG_7497_1600x1067.jpg (112933 bytes) IMG_7495_1600x1067.jpg (105380 bytes)
2nd & 3rd pics-cutting out block in the way of lower engine mounts.  I elected to NOT cut
lower cross piece to make way for mount.  Altered mounts raising mount 1/2"
IMG_7496_1600x1067.jpg (95238 bytes) IMG_7502_1600x1067.jpg (151047 bytes) IMG_7514_1600x1067.jpg (134065 bytes) IMG_7515_1600x1067.jpg (126672 bytes)
Upper mount Lowers mounts A big help for boring perfect holes, it works!
IMG_7505_1600x1067.jpg (120437 bytes) IMG_7506_1600x1067.jpg (110636 bytes) IMG_7507_1600x1067.jpg (126524 bytes) IMG_7508_1600x1067.jpg (109500 bytes)
Mounts aligned and drilled, all fittings and holes matched very well, a good day!
IMG_7519_1600x1067.jpg (113388 bytes) IMG_7520_1600x1067.jpg (105692 bytes) IMG_7522_1600x1067.jpg (120382 bytes)
Gear fitting, 110 degree bend, still cracked, may re-design with 3 pieces
IMG_7577_1600x1067.jpg (97128 bytes) IMG_7578_1600x1067.jpg (98568 bytes) IMG_7574_1600x1067.jpg (108444 bytes) IMG_7573_1600x1067.jpg (102883 bytes)
Went with .130 1018 strap across bottom, .090 4130 doublers and side plates before welding

Don't forget  

1/8" spacer for sides


IMG_7527_1600x1067.jpg (101139 bytes) IMG_7529_1600x1067.jpg (158758 bytes) IMG_7528_1600x1067.jpg (145194 bytes) IMG_7532_1600x1067.jpg (115747 bytes)
IMG_7536_1600x1067.jpg (69333 bytes) IMG_7534_1600x1067.jpg (91036 bytes) IMG_7538_800x1200.jpg (67460 bytes) IMG_7535_1600x1067.jpg (100851 bytes)
IMG_7541_1600x1067.jpg (129552 bytes) IMG_7546_1600x1067.jpg (175183 bytes) IMG_7556_1600x1067.jpg (222176 bytes) IMG_7554_1600x1067.jpg (134443 bytes)
New Grizzly G1006 Gear struts Female & male ends
Scott tail-wheel, 4-1/2 pounds, 6" Before clean-up
Before powder coat Not happy with purchased hub, plan to redo, nice powder coat though
CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS (Tail Group, Spars & Ribs)
Only 2 fit T-nuts too wide, will add x-piece and move in Fit, note plugged hole
Need to move bottom bolts out so bottom straps fit, redo straps, plug holes Bottom straps won't fit Shim for fabric Some plugs to fix
Finally got the middle and rear stab fittings finished, note washer spacers for fabric & tape.  2 pictures to right-added 3/8" to rudder bottom, despite calculating for plan difference.
H-Stab Fittings Slide cable through clamp to hold sleeves 3/32nd cable
With tape Tape and shrink tube Tail cables finished
The beginning....
Sawdust 001_800x600.jpg (73439 bytes) Sawdust 009.jpg (658753 bytes) RibJig.jpg (679673 bytes) DSCN0293.JPG (651670 bytes)

Planing some spruce

About $300 of spruce

Rib jig

Rib and capstrips
RibDetail.jpg (524294 bytes) Rib.jpg (648632 bytes) RibBend.jpg (686361 bytes) RibClamps2.jpg (666568 bytes)
Nice fit Rib Bending cap strips Clamping gussets
RibClamps.jpg (649764 bytes) elevator 001.jpg (613354 bytes) elevator 005.jpg (644037 bytes) H-Stab 005.jpg (571585 bytes)
Lots of clamps Gluing tail stock  Starting horz stab H-stab, main beam
H-Stab 001.jpg (641086 bytes) elevator 007.jpg (610201 bytes) H-Stab 004.jpg (689437 bytes) H-Stab 013.jpg (648930 bytes)
Test fit H-stab Stab and "clamp" H-stab H-stab center, clamps
H-Stab 007.jpg (684486 bytes) H-Stab 019.jpg (693206 bytes) H-Stab 020.jpg (688340 bytes) Sawdust 003.jpg (662188 bytes)
H-stab gussets Hinge cut-out Need more practice! Rib in jig
Sawdust 001.jpg (687625 bytes) Sawdust 008.jpg (635434 bytes) Sawdust 004.jpg (655119 bytes) Sawdust 006.jpg (648723 bytes)
Right elevator Right elevator Shot weights Right elevator
tail 003.jpg (653972 bytes) gussets 001.jpg (681789 bytes) gussets 002.jpg (675291 bytes) Hinge Jig 005.jpg (666511 bytes)
Slow but sure! 11-05 2 1/2" hole-saw Sand on drill press Cut out for hinge
rudder 004.jpg (647135 bytes) sawdust 014.jpg (682467 bytes) sawdust 018.jpg (737695 bytes) sawdust 016.jpg (751506 bytes)
V Stab tip Getting closer Ribs H Stab and Elev
misc 019.jpg (619940 bytes) ribs 003.jpg (606919 bytes) sawdust 037.jpg (612889 bytes) sawdust 055.jpg (604427 bytes)
New bench for fuselage End ribs w/uprights Ribs done!!! Web & cap stock
sawdust 040.jpg (689028 bytes) sawdust 042.jpg (665513 bytes) sawdust 052.jpg (642575 bytes) sawdust 030.jpg (602960 bytes)
1/12 scarf for web Ready to glue Top one done, nice! Pretty good joint
sawdust 043.jpg (676961 bytes) sawdust 046.jpg (654797 bytes) sawdust 044.jpg (621167 bytes) sawdust 057.jpg (612831 bytes)
Fir stock for caps Ripping & planing Many blades later Gluing
sawdust 056.jpg (571402 bytes) sawdust 053.jpg (641329 bytes) sawdust 054.jpg (648007 bytes) SparSketch[2].jpg (426912 bytes)
More scarfs, 1 p/cap Trial spars, 9mm, 7 ply webs, 5/16x1"+ caps Spar drawing
new piet 015.jpg (656895 bytes) new piet 017.jpg (621802 bytes) new piet 021.jpg (640163 bytes) cabane fittings 003.jpg (668939 bytes)
C-Section started C-Section strap Gluing 2" rib cap L-rear cabane fitting
cabane fittings 009.jpg (669848 bytes) cabane fittings 010.jpg (645812 bytes) cabane fittings 013.jpg (650575 bytes) cabane fittings 015.jpg (631870 bytes)
Starting 2nd bend Makeshift brake Front cabane fitting Cabane fitting & strap
Horns 004.jpg (951055 bytes) Horns 005.jpg (951111 bytes) Horns 006.jpg (932421 bytes) Horns 007.jpg (1072925 bytes)
Ready to weld Front fitting Rear Fitting Elev & rudder horns
temp 033.jpg (98302 bytes) temp 035.jpg (98302 bytes) temp 032.jpg (65535 bytes) temp 036.jpg (98302 bytes)
Bead roller for horns Larger roller Harbor Freight 34104 is 18" 12" model would be big enough
Horns 008.jpg (665053 bytes) Horns 009.jpg (680642 bytes) Horns 010.jpg (657173 bytes) Tahoe 003.jpg (586490 bytes)
Aileron horns Horn braces Rudder horn brace Great weld!
Special thanks to Jerry Grogan for his expert welding on the critical parts!
Tahoe 001.jpg (652778 bytes) Tahoe 002.jpg (658194 bytes) temp 039.jpg (65535 bytes) temp 042.jpg (98302 bytes)
Control horn (oversized) Welded horns Remade both of these
temp 041.jpg (131069 bytes) Bearings 001.jpg (367495 bytes) Bearings 006.jpg (643952 bytes) Bearings 004.jpg (355494 bytes)
Sticks tacked, will leave final welds to pro Center bearings Outer bearings Wingtip braces
12-22-07 003.jpg (654797 bytes) 12-24-07 002.jpg (646976 bytes) 12-24-07 007.jpg (1034709 bytes) Plane 005.jpg (687659 bytes)
C-section trial fit Drilling straps Strap ply, don't glue yet Pedals started
Plane 006.jpg (610425 bytes) 12-30-07 010.jpg (642615 bytes) 12-30-07 015.jpg (660840 bytes) 12-30-07 007.jpg (643355 bytes)
Didn't use, made thicker C-section cut-out Straps done! More C-section
12-31-07 002.jpg (680321 bytes) 12-31-07 003.jpg (641603 bytes) 3-23-09 015.jpg (675252 bytes) 3-23-09 014.jpg (664518 bytes)
Left wing started From outboard end Wingtip Glued Four fir plys
3-23-09 013.jpg (630833 bytes) 3-23-09 001.jpg (663695 bytes) 3-23-09 008.jpg (645413 bytes) 3-23-09 004.jpg (652391 bytes)
Clamped tip Gluing root doubler Comp strut cut-outs Comp struts test fit
3-23-09 002.jpg (653398 bytes) 3-23-09 005.jpg (620700 bytes) 3-23-09 006.jpg (607509 bytes) 3-23-09 020.jpg (632141 bytes)
Scarfing 1/16" LE Root rib cut-outs Additional brace Aileron end
4-10-08 001.jpg (645495 bytes) 4-13-08 008.jpg (566674 bytes) 5-29-08 013.jpg (641181 bytes) 5-29-08 011.jpg (643224 bytes)
Cross brace seat Must be cut out C-section-L-wing test Test fit
5-29-08 027.jpg (674171 bytes) 6-16-08 024.jpg (699859 bytes) 6-16-08 022.jpg (650295 bytes) 8-31-08 008.jpg (693095 bytes)
Cutout progressing Trailing edge cut out X-tra comp struts wing tip First coat varnish
8-31-08 012.jpg (655128 bytes) 9-02-09 001.jpg (660040 bytes) 9-02-09 006.jpg (632932 bytes) 9-02-09 005.jpg (663697 bytes)
2nd wingtip formed Mounting hardware More hardware Tip brace-drag wire
9-25-08 003.jpg (644669 bytes) 9-25-08 005.jpg (576541 bytes) 9-25-08 006.jpg (652855 bytes) Ailerons 003.jpg (669262 bytes)
Fitting aileron hinge Nutplates Aileron hinge Wow it works
Ailerons 002.jpg (661325 bytes) Ailerons 004.jpg (678471 bytes) Ailerons 005.jpg (662111 bytes) 1-2-09 029_450x600.jpg (33337 bytes)
Inboard end Need more angle on both bearings Bottom Root  rib braces-rear bay
1-2-09 030_800x600.jpg (47695 bytes)
Inboard rear bay
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